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  • Use the main window to view, configure and manage an online conference.

    Note: The audio and video functions are not available if the moderator is only subscribed to the online presentation feature.
  • 1. Audio connection — select how you would like to connect to conference for audio.
    Your desktop microphone and speaker will be disabled until an option is selected.
  • 2. Room controls: The moderator has controls to lock or unlock and close the collaboration room. All participants can expand the area to cover the full screen and access help.
  • 3. Room functions: View participants, share your display or a document, activate layout, change settings and monitor quality of service of the conference.
  • 4. Participant controls: Enable or disable the microphone, speaker, camera, self view and group chat.
  • 5. Group chat: Allows participants to group chat with all participants.
  • 6. Display area: Presents video tiles of participants and their sharing screen.
    Double-click the shared item to expand it into a separate window.

    Participants with dual displays can have the conference client on one display and use the other display for an expanded share window.
  • 7. End Collaboration Session: Allows the moderator to end a conference and remove all participants from the collaboration room.
  • 8. Exit collaboration: Allows participants and moderators to exit the collaboration room while other participants continue the conference.