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  • Share a document with the other participants and quickly switch between windows.
  • 1. During a conference, click Share to view a list of available displays and applications.
    When you need to reference multiple documents use the sharing display feature.
  • 2. Click the desired document or application.
  • 3. The document or application will be shared with all participants. Read the warning and then click the X to close it.
  • 4. Viewers can double-click the content being shared to expand it to a separate window.
    • When the share has been expanded into a separate window, the window will automatically close each time a new document is shared or a new participant starts sharing.
    • When a PowerPoint document is shared and the slideshow mode is on, the share window will close at the end of the slideshow.
    • Participants with dual displays can have the conference client on one display and use the other display for an expanded share window.
  • 5. To stop screen sharing, click Stop Sharing.