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  • The Presence feature lets you see if your co-workers are on the phone, out of the office or at their desk. To view others’ presence status, they need to be added to your contacts list.

    The contactʼs presence status will be shown with an icon and with text below their name.
  • 1. Click Contacts.
  • 2. All the contacts in your list will have their presence status next to their names.
  • 3. If the presence status is not shown for a contact, right-click on that contact.
  • 4. Click Edit.
  • 5. Confirm that the contact’s SIP URL is correct (e.g.,
  • 6. Click the Show availability checkbox.
    If the Presence service is not assigned to you, then you cannot access this checkbox.
  • 7. Click Save.
  • 8. The contactʼs status will be updated.