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  • In the PC Phone client, you can copy the collaboration room URL to the clipboard to paste it into emails or documents.

    Note: Online Conferencing is supported on Internet Explorer 11 and Safari.
  • 1. Select one or more contacts.
  • 2. Click Email Invitation or Email Meeting and the URL will be entered automatically.
  • 3. If the selected contacts are Unified Communications users, click IM Collaboration URL to send an IM message with the URL.
  • 4. Participants need to click on the collaboration URL, and then enter their name and click on Enter Room.
    Participants can also join by phone.
  • 5. The first time you, or a participant, accesses an Online Conferencing URL, a prompt appears asking to run or to install a plug-in.
    Once the plug-in has been installed, a message appears requesting permission to use your camera and microphone for video conferencing. Click Yes. If you do not wish to receive future prompts, click Do not ask again.