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  • As a moderator, there are two ways to access the Online Conferencing feature on your desktop:
  • 1. On the PC Phone client, click on the Collaboration icon.
  • 2. Click Start collaboration to auto-login to your collaboration room.
  • 3. Or input your collaboration room URL into a browser and press Enter on your keyboard.
    On the PC phone client, you can copy a shared URL, which you can then share via email or into documents.
  • 4. The first time you, or a participant, accesses an Online Conferencing URL, a prompt appears asking to run or to install a plug-in.
  • 5. Click Moderator.
  • 6. Enter your Bell Aliant username (e.g., and password.
    Click Remember Me if you want the browser to remember your details.
  • 7. Click Enter Room.
    When experiencing problems connecting or if you get disconnected immediately, click Canʼt Connect and select the Connect using Proxy mode option.
  • 8. A message appears requesting permission to use your camera and microphone for video conferencing. Click Yes.
    If you do not wish to receive future prompts, click If Yes, do not ask again for this website.