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  • Favorites are the contacts in your contact directory that you call most often. Favourites appear in the line view, and have a button assigned to them. To make a contact a favorite, you need to assign a index number to it.
  • 1. From the Home view, use the Navigation buttons and select Directories.
  • 2. Select Contact Directory.
  • 3. Highlight the desired contact and select Info.
  • 4. Select Edit.
  • 5. Scroll to and highlight the Favourite Index field.
    Select Encoding to type an index number (or select Yes when prompted to automatically accept the next available index number).
  • 6. Select the desired number.
  • 7. Select Save.
  • 8. The star symbol will appear by the selected contact.
  • 9. The selected contact will be added to the favourite list.
  • The contact now has a star next to its name in the contacts directory and was assigned a speed dial button. To remove a favourite from your list, edit the contact to remove the index number.